Sterling Energy | Services


Sterling Energy Group has the knowledge, experience, and talent to identify, define, and deliver energy-efficient solutions for energy providers and users. We can help with the engineering and economic building blocks that will create benefits on both sides of the meter.


Advisory Expertise in Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

  • Identification and evaluation of potential thermal host sites, including evaluation of process requirements and site data
  • Preliminary design and performance modeling of alternative technologies and configurations
  • Identification and documentation of values to all parties, including the utility, thermal host, customers, and regulators

Owner’s Engineering & Project Oversight

  • Project scope, schedule, and design review
  • Review Mechanical, Electrical, Structural, Civil and Environmental designs
  • Coordinate with design and construction organizations
  • Provide procurement oversight and tracking
  • Review and monitor startup and commissioning plans

In-Depth Development and Project Support

  • Conceptual design, performance modeling, and efficiency analyses
  • Develop budgets (project development, operation, and maintenance)
  • Determine Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) for various alternatives


Optimization of Existing CHP

  • Evaluation of planned & existing industrial and institutional¬†cogeneration facilities
  • Development of rigorous thermodynamic model to evaluate improvement scenarios
  • Procurement and Budget Oversight and Tracking
  • Comprehensive energy cost modeling to determine lowest cost of operation for any scenario